Winter (in English)



  1. 1. All Januaries of Russian land

I keep deep in my heart

Before my eyes red finches are

Like rowan berries on the snow

The snows of Russia, the snows of Russia

Where smoke smells like bread

Why are you, memory,

in pain with snows

in pain with snows of Russian land


  1. 2. Steppe and steppe all around

Road is very long

In that far-away steppe

Coachman froze to death


  1. 3. It’s so good when snowflakes keep falling and

All around becomes so light from them

It’s so good when you become so joyful

Because of your beloved faithful friend


  1. 4. It’s too cold right now outside

Why our love has come at this time?

Winter love has short, short term to live

Snow is falling down so quietly


  1. 5. In forest,  by the clearing

The winter lived in house

She pickled snowballs

In pail made out of birch wood

She was creating yarn

And weaving canvases

Was forging icy bridges

Over river where she lived

Ceiling made out of ice

Door keeps creaking and

Right behind the rough wall

Darkness piercing and

If you step on the porch

Frosting’s everywhere

From the window comes smoke

Blue, it’s very blue.


  1. 6. The snow keeps falling, falling snow

And everything waits for something

Because you’re in my destiny

I say, thank you, the snow


  1. 7. Blizzard’s scraping window  at night

Worrisome and white snowfall

You are living very far away

You do not remember me at all

I feel restless most every night

Feeling guilty and in pain

Quietness keeps wondering through night



  1. 8. White blizzard will drop it’s white feather in my hand from its white wing

And winds will start crying , will wail over snow – the winter came

Make bed out of snow and push through the window the winter starts

But I will be thinking and I will be dreaming of spring

As if it came from far away and as if it just returned

Like girls in white prom dresses apple trees ‘re standing in the night

They look so festive once again and they trust their happiness’s so near

Their hearts so full with new hope, new faith

This is no winter in our vast space, this is a swan bird in the vast sky

Flopping its white wings, she’s friend of the spring


  1. 9. Moonlit snow, starlit ice

Horses fly like in the dream

Under freezing sky of blue

On the road, wide and white

One’s heart’s thrown away

Into blizzard’s way

The arrow of longest road

Lays on snowy steppe

Like tear drop on the cheek

And only clatter of hooves

Only song’s being heard

‘bout frozen coachman in the snow


  1.  10. Snowfall, snowfall, don’t blow on my braids

Don’t knock in my door, don’t twist by the gate

Snowfall, snowfall, if the woman is asking

Don’t rush her late spring, or late summer of hers


  1. 11. There was a winter, first day of vacations

We’re wondering whole day, from morning to the night

And everything around was quiet and so solemn

The snow that was white over river Neva

But suddenly there was fresh wind of springtime

When we were by my home you wrote on the snow

With help of broken twig, two words you only wrote

“Tatyana plus Sergei” and nothing, nothing else

The land was white, the whitest white, the blizzard blew

Tatyana’s Day, Tatyana’s Day,

But as for me land was in bloom and April sang:

Tatyana’s Day, Tatyana’s Day, Tatyana’s Day