War (in English)



  1. 1. The boys keep drawing scenes of war

Theyíre drawing tanks, they draw the rockets

The album pages being filled

With missiles yellow like pears


  1. 2. Men, stand up and listen, stand and listen

You will hear loud and clear a dread and mournful knell

Buchenvald gives warning to the planet

with its tolling bell, with its tolling bell

ĎTis the tortured voice of Nazi victims,

ĎTis the living message of the slain

from the dust and ashes resurrected

they rise up again, they rise up again

Death defying, death defying

They rise up again


  1. 3. War, oh, war, what you, horrible did to us?

Our yards became quiet and calm

Our boys stopped their games, they became adults

Way before their time, way before

We could hardly see them just to wave our hands

Our boys became soldiers and left

Farewell, our boys, goodbye, our boys

Try to do everything to come back

Donít hide, please be tall and be very brave

Donít spare grenades, bullets too.

Farewell, our boys, goodbye, our boys

Try to do everything to come back


  1. 4. The grove was burning by the mountain

Sunset was burning right along

We were left only three soldiers

Out of eighteen of our squad

Many of them, our friends and comrades

Are left in darkness to lay still

By town that remains unknown

On hill that doesnít have a name


  1. 5. Night is so dark,

Only bullets are whistling in steppe

Only windís humming song in the wires

Stars are glistening dimly

In this dark night

You, beloved, I know, donít sleep

You are sitting by crib of our child

And youíre wiping your tears

Death doesnít scare

I have met it in battles not once

And at this time it is hovering over my head

You wait for me

Youíre nit sleeping by crib of our child

And I know that nothing too bad

Comes to me, nothing happens


  1. 6. Get up, entire motherland,

Get up for mortal fight

With fascist darkest enemy

With cursed and horrid hordes

 Let wrath, your noble honest wrath

Boil like the tidal wave

The war is going on and on

The sacred peopleís war


  1. 7. The fog, the fog

Grey blanket over all

You can make just two steps

And thereís war behind the fog

Fight and battles go on

In which we are not involved

Cause the fog prevents us from the flying

Weíre air workers, fighters of the war.


  1. 8. Do you remember, nurse,  like last time

You pulled me out of the field

My friend, we did survive that blow

Last time we did remain alive.

And for the rest of our lives

Itíll be enough of deeds and glory

Defeating bloody horrid foe

Enough for rest of our lives


  1. 9. You are now far away, far away

And the snows do lay between us

It is hard coming to you for me

But to death I just have several steps

Sing, accordion, in spite the snow

Calling happiness thatís now lost

In cold dugout Iím feeling warm

From you radiant undimming love


  1. 10. Do Russian people stand for war?

Go, ask the calm on plain and shore

The wide expanse of field and lea

The birches and the poplar tree

The soldiers who once fought abreast

And near the birches lie at rest

Their sons will answer by the score

Ask them if Russians are

Ask them if Russians are

Ask them if Russians are for war.