Seas, Ships & Sailors (in English)


Sea, ships, sailors

1.      1.  I am done to talk, discuss and argue

And to love your wary tired eyes

In the faraway the sea of pirates

Brigantine is raising all its sails


2.      2. Person who was born by ocean

Loves for the rest of his life

White sails and ships out of sea ports

Towns by shore in sea mist

Light of the beacon in sea waves

Dreams of the southern nights

Most deep blue in the whole world

Black sea, you Black Sea of mine


3.      3. You say goodbye to ships in ocean

Not like the way you part with trains

The sea waves, treacherous and slow,

Are not alike two rows of tracks

You worry more, you are aware

That youíre no longer on the land

And separation seems a bit longer

When you are traveling by sea.

Sea water waves are all around

Seawater waves sing their song


4.      4. Sunís blazing in the bright blue sky

Hello, my dear motherland

Young Nakhimov students send you their salute

There is no land in the world like you

Your victorious flag is shining over our way

Weíre marching straight ahead.

Vast space is so blue

Waves flash over board

On the mast there is banner

Flag of our fatherland

We march straight ahead

Weíll not deviate

Thatís because in our hearts we keep carrying

The name of our land


5.      5. Why is there such commotion

Among the girls of our town

Who is one that raised them early

Who is one that worrying them?

Young and handsome sailorís

Coming for his break

His chestís decorated

With the medals earned


6.      6. Anchorsí chains are rattling in the port

All the ships believe in their dreams

And despite the winds I rush to the call

Of the undiscovered lands and worlds

I dream often

At night about dolphins

I see seagulls

And masts of brigantines

Sea waves will flash my footprints

But I will come back tomorrow to the shore

Ocean, you hear me ocean

Iíll be your sailor, thatís what I want


7.      7. They say donít argue

But we donít argue

To fly by the plane is

By far faster, yes, it is

Regardless, the ocean

Will always be ocean

And without that we canít live, we canít live


8.      8. I was born by the sea

by place where is wind

from my childhood the sea

was teaching me this:

sing the songs and be able

whenís needed in difficult times

strengthen sail of my will

and meet all the storms

Thank you, blue-eyed space

I thank you, vast blue space

Iím your son, Iím forever your son


9.      9. One courageous captain lived

Traveling through many lands

Times and times he sailed through oceans and seas

Fifteen times he almost drowned

Being bitten by the sharks

But not once he even winked or was afraid

In the battle and gloom

He was always singing song, his only song: 

Captain brave, captain brave, please keep smiling

Smile is always great a flag for the ship

Captain brave, captain brave, keep your spirit

Seas and oceans can be tamed only by braves


10.  10.  Ships canít sleep, canít sleep in the port

They dream of the seas, they dream of the wind

And just like a man, the ship can feel sad

And the pipes keep humming: itís your time

Iím standing once again by end of land

The sea ships once again are passing by

The limber ship is carrying once again

The smell of taiga and the birchesí snow.


11.  11. Ocean has come back

With screams of seagulls

With hum of high tide

With spacy big waves

My heart is meeting

Ocean like old friend

My heart like old song

Flies out my chest

Oh, ocean, ocean, youíll give your high tide

To rocks and mountains, but not for long

Ocean, please take me to far-away land

Like scarlet sail, Iíll be always with you.