Professions(in English)



  1. 1. Workers
  2. The morning greets us with its coolness

The river greets us with the wind

My curly-head, why’re you unhappy

To hear the song of alarm?

Don’t sleep, get up, my curly-head

In factories

Our country now is waking up

To start new day

 2. Driver

  1.  Dusty road’s winding like dark graying trimming

Windshield is so wet from the torturous rain

Wishing that your truck will get through stormy weather

I would like you, driver, to have a good luck.

You are not afraid of dirty roads

Suddenly sharp turn and steep incline

Don’t let your beloved shed her tears

Hold your driving wheel with all strength and might

3. Doctors

  1. While you’re not even born, don’t exist

And the minute you open your eyelids

You put life and your care in the hands

Of the folks in white coats

4. Journalist 

  1. Man is quiet, bending over maps

One can understand him very well:

For a while his heart is on the road

Where will new day find him by dawn? 

Cigarettes are bought for my new journey

Dear-dear sweetheart, don’t miss me

Stars and planets’re calling me to get there

But my destination’s now close

Walk and walk for three days

No sleep for three nights

For the sake of few lines in newspaper

If to start from anew

I would choose once again

All these bottomless worries and problems

 5. Miner

  1. There at the far coal mine

Folks appreciated lad

Gave him their helping hand

And invited too

Pretty girls sang song to him

Sweetest girls sang quiet song

And the lad decided soon

Entering that mine

 6. Paratroopers

  1. Bigger step, my comrades

We do walk along the country road

We serve as mighty paratroopers

Where one is not a man but eagle

We, the paratroopers,

Enjoy sky so blue and clear

Hey, guys, let’s go on ascend

You, bullies, hear our advice:

Please never mess, don’t mess with fire

 7. Fishermen

  1. The fishermen have their start

The star of fishing trawlers, fishing boats

Long years ago, long time in the past

Neptune himself had lit that star

Strange docks and piers of strange people’s lands

Bright light of beacon is searching for boats

We pass salty waters, we live salty days

But sky is lit up, lit up, lit up by fisherman’s star

 8. Teacher

  1. Already for sometime, my friends,

We said goodbye to our school

But homecoming happens every year

The birches bow and maples bow

While greeting us in our yard

And waltz of our school is played for us

With sounds of that slow waltz

We will remember years passed

The beautiful and wonderful home sites

And you with your white tresses over

Our homework notebooks

Our teacher, we’ll remember always you

 9. Train Engineer

  1. Day and night, day and night, day and night the trains keep running

Humming wires making noise

And train wheel keep repeating, repeating their question,

Where’re you going? Where’re you going?

Drive your train, engineer, your routs are only ahead

Engineer, and your distances are years apart

 10. Pilot

  1. Hugging vault of blue sky with his sturdy strong hands

Pilot’s getting high and high his plane

Person that’s since childhood made with sky his friendship

Never will betray or leave his amazing dream

If you could know, if you could know,

How his hands are longing for his hand wheel

Pilot always has his only dream –

Altitude, altitude

11. Sailor 

  1. The sailor leaves his ship – he walks and waddles

As if discovering five hundred new lands

All right, not hundred, but at least five or six

And all the islands in the world he knew as two times two

But he is one that sailed for only one week

And cabin boy he is in real service

The girls did look at him with sighs and wonder –

When we are only seventeen girls fancy us

Oh, sea, oh, ocean, waves rise up to the sky

Oh, sea, oh, ocean, you cannot be without sailor, you can not

 12. Geologists

  1. You are gone into steppes that are burning

I am gone for research in the woods

Over you only sun, hot and steamy, is blazing

Over me only pines in the snow

Our rout’s very long ‘n exhausting

And we can’t go back, can’t return

Be strong and brave, you endure, geologist,

Your brothers are sun and wind

 13. Policemen

  1. Our service is so dangerous and hard

And not noticeable for regular eye

If someone somewhere doesn’t want to be

Honest decent person

It means that we have to fight them discretely

This is our fate and duty and our goal –

Day and night to serve you

 14. Austronaut

  1. We’ve got our set of maps and

Our cosmic course is charted

Count down fourteen minutes

Then off in space we’ll soar

The final checks are over

We’re eager to get started

So, let us sing a song, lads,

Before our spaceship roars


My friends, I am sure

There will soon come a day

When trains of our spaceships

Will speed to each star

On new worlds our footsteps

Will trace out a way

Through star-dust that lies there on far.