Motherland (in English)

  1. 1. Motherland my native beautiful site

Motherland my song and springtime of mine

With our proud fate and with luminous dream

We forever are all tied with you

Let always be the blue sky

Over our country

And a golden beam of the dawn.


  1. 2. I see beautiful my countryside

See the rivers, see the fields

These are very Russian scenery

This is country of mine and yours.


  1. 3. In days of great construction

In daily loud din, in noise and bright lights

Hello to land of heroes

Tolland of dreamers and of men of science

Along the steppes, along the woods

From tropics straight to northern pole

You lay my dear land

So vast and boundless

So indestructible and strong

No obstacles

For us on land and water

Were not afraid

Of ice and stormy clouds

Hot flame of our souls

Flag of the motherland

Well carry on

Through world, through all centuries


  1. 4. I look into blue ponds and lakes

Collecting blooms in fields,

My Russia thats what I call you

You are my only one

You ask me many many times

Theres no nicer land

And here I was named at birth

With Russian name of mine

Your beauty nothing can affect

Not years, not the grief

You were always proud so

With Ivans and Marias

Dont know ever bigger joy

Than join my fate with yours

To cry with you, my motherland

To celebrate with you


  1. 5. When walk in forests near Moscow

Where grass has fresh and minty smell

The nature speaks to me with love

Her most sacred-sacred words:

My Russia, my Russia

My dear free and native land

My Russia, my Russia

My Russia youre my motherland


  1. 6. Here you come, and spring is blooming over the world

Planet Earth remembers, knows your name

All things come to end, but youre eternal, my land

Youre my life, my breathing, my home

I can hold the sun in bare hands, yes

I can walk through years, space and time

I can do, can surely do everything

If you are, my country with me.


  1. 7. Steppe field, steppe field of Russia,

Whether its moonshine or deep snowfall

Im with you always, happy and saddened

My heart will never forget you, o no

Steppe field of Russia, steppe field of Russia

Many a road I had walked, I had crossed

You are my childhood, you are my freedom

All things in life that are matter and true

You are not like the woods, You are not like the sea

You are with me my steppe field, temples cold from the wind

There is my motherland, and Ill tell you again

Hey, hello Russian steppe field, Im your spikelet for my life.


  1. 8. From the far to very heart of Moscow,

from south mountain to northern sea

man is walking, walking as a master

of his huge and gorgeous country land.

You are vast, my country, big and precious

You have many rivers, many fields

I dont know any other country

Where man breathe and walks and feels so free