Lenin (in English)



  1. 1. Day by day the years pass

Dawns of newest generations

But forever everyone

Will remember name of Lenin

Lenins forever live

Lenins always with you

In grief, in hope, in joy and mirth

Lenin is in your fate

Hes in your happy day

Lenins in you and in me


  1. 2. Morning banner of the sky

Step ahead of being shy

Hey, do hark: the country over

Winds outrageous all nearby

Our battle goes on every day

And hearts feel so anxious in chests

And Lenin is young once again

October is young and ahead


  1. 3. In the little town called by people Simbirsk

Where Volga rivers rolling mighty waves

Man of great importance, person thats so dear

To the world and people was born there.

Everyday and holidays with us you, Lenin

Hes alive forever in worlds memory

In the heart of present, hearts of generations

In the heart of our CPSU


  1. 4. True to Lenins laws and decrees

In the hour of gloom and fire

Over countries, over planet

One word sounded, it was peace

Lenin, party and peace

Flight of courage and strength

Road to be happy by their will of power

People chose by themselves


  1. 5. Smell of lilacs, smell of fragrant poplar trees

Flew all over Moscow in May

Children came to Lenin just to talk to him

Lenin said to them in middle spring:

I would like you grow becoming communists

then we should not fear hurricanes.

Sun was smiling, sending down shiny beams

Being glad that Lenins talk took place.


  1. 6. Our thought thats happy with joy

Flies into great tomorrow

To strive every day once again and ahead

Was teaching of our Lenin.

To dream, we have to dream

We are the tribe of the eagle birds

We have time and courage to be and become

The heroes of our world and time.


  1. 7. Lenins remembered by dawns and by seasons

By Yeniseys waves and by Kremlins stars

Sky over Neva and beaches of Volga

By all the earth, by all the earth

Lenins remembered by world


  1. 8. Lenin this is the bloom of springtime

Lenin this is victorious cry

Glory to you, Lenin

Over the centuries.