Cities (in English)



1.       1. You are standing – fortress on the East Coast,

Mighty giant embellished by the stone.

I sing song about Vladivostok –

Let this song be heard by everyone.

The plane’s flying high over you in the sky,

The seagulls scream loud in blue vault.

My beautiful town’s caressed by the tide,

And songs sound over the waves.


2.       2. In the taiga with conifers’ sap

I have met my first difficult youth.

Since that day I love you, town Bratsk, made of tents,

Give my heart, my first love is to you.

It just happened that our dream’s

Put on maps straight from our tents.

And historical portrait has been drawn of us

But it’s all just the fuss, just the fuss.

This is all just the fuss,

Not all life has been lived, has been passed.


3.       3. There is the city in the East

Surrounded by gardens, in circle of lights.

It is especially important

To our gorgeous motherland.

The pretty face and charming brown eyes

We see on gorgeous darkish face.

You shine, Tashkent, the star of East,

The capital of friends and warmth.


4.       4. If you never have been to our Sverdlovsk

We invite you to visit, please come,

We will take you for walks in the town,

We’ll admire its beauty and charm.

Penetrated by beautiful lighting,

Being dressed in green clothing of trees,

It’s embellished by light over Uktus

And the VIZ alike.

Crossroads, let them shed their lights in day and night likewise.

Sverdlovsk, my town, it celebrates its merry and wonderful time.

The morning dawn is adding light to the city of Sverdlovsk,

It is heartfelt and beautiful, it makes my soul so warm.


5.       5. Dawns and sky are getting scarlet like the flames faraway,

As if sun’s being carried on the antlers of deer.

Naryan Mar, my Naryan Mar.

It’s a town not too big, not too small.

Standing on Pechora River where deer breeders are living

And the fishermen do fish.


6.       6. Such clean azure vault of sky

Is shining only over you,

Tbilisi, my beloved and so dear.

And Narikala’s standing here,

The memory of troubled past,

Its head is crowned with white snow like white hair.

Tbelisi, keep blooming under rays of sun,

Fate of yours is chosen once again,

There is none so beautiful in other lands,

I can not live life without you.


7.       7. When I sing about the vastness of space and

About the winds calling far, far away,

About the blue sea, the joy and the bad times,

I sing about you, my Odessa, my town.

I see all the time your sunrise, your sunsets, my Odessa,

You’re always with me, your blue waters and sky, my Odessa.

You are in my heart, all times, everywhere,

Odessa, the city of mine.


8.      8. Quiet splash of the waves,

And bright light from the moon,

We enjoy our walk on the shore

And we sing, and we sing,

And the garden sings with us,

Autumn leaves over our heads.

Sevastopol, your waltz,

Golden days, golden night,

Many times I was led to port

By your beacons and lights.

Sevastopol, your waltz

Sailors keep in their hearts

It’s impossible to forget

Golden days, golden nights.


9.       9. I dream under windows of yours,

I can read your windows like books,

Since my childhood I am fond

Of the lights so bright and clear

From Moscow’ windows that are always lit.


10.   10. City by river Neva,

City of our glory, of our deeds,

Listen, Leningrad,

I will sing to you

Song of mine that I keep in my heart.