Childhood (in English)



1.   We run along school staircase

When hear the bell to classroom,

Contemporaries, we all the same,

The boys and girls together.

The boys and the girls

And the girls and the boys we are

Studying together, we’re friends.

We always have fun in our classroom,

Long live our friendship, hoorah!


2.      2. Here we know every house,

Blindfold, find every stone.

Somewhere behind the turn

Childhood runs away.

Stop, don’t run, wait for me, don’t leave me, not yet.

Please, come again, bring us here again, once again,

Just sometime.

Childhood, please don’t go,

Linger here for a while,

Tell me the words of truth –

What will be ahead?


3.      3. On the first day of September I came,

Shy and so scared, to school where I’ll study.

First bell and textbook, first teacher of mine –

That’s how school years start in the autumn.

School days’re full wonder and beautiful,

Friends, songs and books are so wonderful –

Pity, they’ll pass very soon,

Nothing will ever come back.

Will they be gone, gone without a trace?

No, we will never, we’ll never forget

School days and years.


4.      4. Somewhere there’s town

Quiet as a dream,

Dust is all over

Covering it.

Somewhere by river

The water’s like glass,

Somewhere there’s town

Where always warm and fun.

Our childhood passed there

Time ago.


5.      5. The merry wind, sing song with us, sing song with us, wind,

You’re merry wind, you are merry wind, yes.

You’ve rummaged mountains and oceans all around

And all the songs of world are known to you.

Sing us song that’s about blue mountains,

Sing about deep secrets of seas,

Sing song about vast space, sing song about birds’ talk,

About people that are brave.

One who’s used to the fight for the freedom,

Let him sing right along our song:

The merry one keeps laughing,

The one who wants – achieving,

The one who searches – always finds.


6.      6. The ship of childhood is leaving for childhood,

Its big white chimneys are skewed towards back.

Let me have one more look, let me have one last look,

Let me hear one more time their honking sound.


7.      7. Remember voice I had in childhood,

When it was high I used to sing:

“The lonely sail is white in ocean” –

And it was there, it was white.

Oh, my white sail, you are my white wing,

Know, it was real, real let it be,

This is white sail of my childhood days,

Fly, please fly, my white sail,

There is nothing else.


8.      8. We become one year older again,

And our time will come soon.

And today we are saying goodbye

To our doves, sending them to last flight.

Let them fly, ah, let them fly

Like a snowfall in winter – so white.


9.      9. In the early days of April

Snow is melting in the park,

And the merry swing’s just starting

Waking up in their run-up.

Everything is just forgotten,

Heart is frozen in the chest.

Only blue sky, only wild wind,

Only fun and joy ahead.

Arising high as spur trees,

Not knowing obstacles,

The swings with wings are flying,

Are flying very high.


10.  10. Where is my childhood going,

What country, town to?

And what I may and have to do

To get there once again?

The childhood leaves, so quiet,

While everything’s asleep,

It will not write me letters,

Undoubtedly will not call.

Winter or the summer – childhood frolics, childhood waits

For wonders somewhere, but not here.

Playing in the snow, in the puddles by the brook,

Somebody will do it, but not me.


11.  11. Classroom window glass is reflecting clouds,

Endless hour of lesson feels too long.

I hear sound of pen scribbling notebook,

And the sheet of paper’s filled with words.

There is my first love during my school years,

And blue puddles glisten with glass of ice.

We’ll never see again, we’ll never feel again,

It will be never just like this in our lives.