Birds (in English)



1. Nightingales, nightingales, please, donít wake our boys,

Let the soldiers to sleep just a bit

The spring came finely to the front

The soldiers cannot sleep, no more

But not because the canons strike

The reason is that once again

Forgetting battles going on

The nightingales, they sing their song


2. Young eagle, young eagle, do shine with your feathers

Your shadow veiling the sun

I donít want to think Ďbout death, please, believe me

In my seventeen years of age


3. The warmth has leaved the fields

And flock of cranes is led

By leader to the green and warmer country

The flock of cranes is sad

Except for one young crane,

One bird that doesnít know much which makes him merry


4. Youíre black raven, why are you circling

Over my uncovered head

I will not become your daily pray

Youíre black raven, Iím not yours


5. I ponder the blue skies, I wonder, Iím thinking

Why am I not falcon, why am I not flying

God, why didnít you give wings to me, so I could fly

Iíd leave earth, leave ground, Iíd fly in the sky


6. The gardens not appear blooming

Responding to the coming warmth

But I do see familiar stork bird

Is straightening wings above our roof

Ah, hello, stork bird

We missed you much and finally you came

I thank you, stork bird

I thank you, dear bird

What was supposed to happen ís happening 


7. Seagull Ďs bravely flying over

White and grey sea waves

Diving under and returning

Flying over me

Seagull, seagull, please do answer

Are you not my friend?

Take my greetings

And please bring them

To my dear friend


8. In Antarctic ice has covered ground

In Antarctic ice is covered with the snow

Only the penguins íre living there

While jealously protecting their ice and snow


9. Swans were flying over our land one sunny day

They were feeling joy and happiness Ė just two of them

Earth seemed beautiful to those birds, and at that point

Someone shoot the flock so suddenly, and there was a cry:

What is wrong with you, beloved mine

Tell me youíre okay

Sky without your love

Feels so grey and sad

Where are you, my swan, beloved mine,

Please come back, please, soon

Let your beauty warm my heart

Let my love warm yours


10.  Did you hear song of Russian thrush?

Not the fieldís one but the one from forest?

Thrushes are amazing, charmer-birds

Singers that are chosen by all Russia


11. The flying doves please keep on flying

There are no obstacles for you

The doves, you carry, please you carry

Our ďhiĒ to people of the world

Let stormy wind wail over planet

And sky vault covered with the clouds

On your way vultures wouldnít catch you

On your way storms will not stop you