RUSSIAN BRIDE                                          97 min. Comedy           NTSC     2005

People look for that special one all the time and everywhere. Even in catalogs - which seems to be a bit extreme. But it might work! Or not. 
A young Russian girl Tanya wants to find love, happiness and prosperity in America and places her ad in a Catalog of Russian Brides published in USA. Her ad is picked up by a middle-aged programmer Blake. After a period of intense correspondence Blake decides to go ahead and apply for a fiancée visa for Tanya. She comes to New York and suddenly becomes very isolated and lonely, but quite eager to make it work. Blake – though being very attracted to Tanya – is busy with his work and life routine. He can’t give Tanya all the attention she needs, and he struggles to make a commitment. At the end of the “trial” period he decides to send her back. But Tanya has already made a decision to leave her country, she doesn’t want to go back. She stays in New York, goes from job to job for cash and tries to survive.