ADVENTURES OF LITTLE HERBERT IN MUSHROOM LAND                                    in post-production          NTSC    2007

 Herbert is a small and scared boy who dreams about being good enough to play baseball with the other kids. By magical transformation
he ends up in a Land of Mushrooms and of a size of a mushroom. By assuming a disguise by wearing a cap of a mushroom on his head he survives in this strange world, meets many remarkable characters, builds friendships with them and acts the role of a person he always wanted to be.
In the political intrigue between poisonous and non poisonous mushrooms and following epic war between mushrooms and alien Giant Slug he becomes first a spy (thanks to his removable mushroom cap), then a leader and finally a great warrior who stands up to and defeats the Giant enemy using his skills as a baseball player.
When his true identity is revealed his new friends and their world accept him and create an official status   A Mushroom Of Honor. He returns home changed, and that change changes everybody s perception of him. He becomes the best baseball player anyone ever knew in his town.