Ken and Hope are a successful, corporate couple and avid hikers. On the top of Bear Mountain Ken proposes. To celebrate their engagement they go on a trip to northern Russia to see tourist attractions and to climb Khibin Mountains.

In the middle of their trip, on Solovki islands, Hope sprains her ankle and is unable to continue. The couple decides that Ken should go ahead with the trek by himself while Hope stays in the local village to nurse her injury.

They find a lodge for Hope to stay in where she makes the acquaintance of a Russian boy, Andryusha. He is the only child of Nadya, a single mother and a drunkard. Hope then begins to observe the tragic fate of Nadya and her son. The boy and the American woman form a strong attachment.

She asks Nadya if she would let her adopt Andryusha. Nadya, realizing that she’d be handsomely compensated for it, agrees.

Andryusha comes to the US, but the process of his adaptation isn’t smooth and he misses his mother. Hope herself returns from the trip changed – her world is not the same anymore. Ken sees the change and assumes Andryusha to be the source of it. He dislikes the boy and wants to give him back to his mother while the adoption papers pending to be finalized. Meanwhile Hope and Ken are on the verge of a break up.

Hope takes Andryusha back to Russia to only find out that Nadya, realizing what she’s done, has become a nun.